the ouidad cut


Ouidad offers the only trademarked cutting technique for curls.

In 1984, Ouidad opened the first salon in the world catering solely to curly hair, recognizing that curls require a specialized approach to identifying, liberating and enhancing their natural pattern.

Today, Ouidad trains stylists in the only trademarked technique for curly hair. Ouidad’s Carving & Slicing® is a curl-specific cutting technique that removes the bulk that causes “pyramids” and enhances the natural curl pattern to achieve well-defined ringlets that fit gently into each other like puzzle pieces. A Ouidad stylist analyzes each client’s unique curl pattern and texture, listens to their history and desires, and formulates a tailored plan to optimize their curls.

Only a Ouidad Certified Stylist has undergone the rigorous training necessary to master this technique, and earned the right to offer a Ouidad service.

Experience the difference a Ouidad Certified Stylist can make

Ouidad is the only company in the world that caters to the 4 specific curl types:

  • • Loose

  • • Classic

  • • Tight

  • • Kinky

Each curl type has its own specified prescription product portfolio to meet the individual needs of styling and enhancing curly hair.

Staffed by certified stylists professionally trained in curl-focused techniques, treatments and education, these salons offer curly clients a completely unique experience.



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